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We send out a newsletter on Fridays to keep parents and carers up to date with things that are happening in school. These are given to pupils at school, or you may choose to have them e-mailed to you instead. They will be added to this page throughout the year.

Class Newsletters

Year R Autumn Newsletter                Year 1 Autumn Newsletter                 Year 2 Autumn Newsletter                     Year 3 Autumn Newsletter               


Year 4 Autumn Newsletter                 Year 5 Autumn Newsletter                 Year 6 Autumn Newsletter


Year R Spring Newsletter                  Year 1 Spring Newsletter                   Year 2 Spring Newsletter                         Year 3 Spring Newsletter


Year 4 Spring Newsletter                    Year 5 Spring Newsletter                    Year 6 Spring Newsletter


Year R Summer Newsletter               Year 1 Summer Newsletter                Year 2 Summer Newsletter                     Year 3 Summer Newsletter


Year 4 Summer Newsletter                Year 5 Summer Newsletter                 Year 6 Summer Newsletter






Academic Year 2014-2015

Friday 12th September                                                                                              Friday 27th February


Friday 19th September                                                                                              Friday 6th March


Friday 26th September                                                                                              Friday 13th March


Friday 3rd October                                                                                                     Friday 20th March


Friday 10th October                                                                                                   Friday 27th March


Friday 17th October         Parent Election Letter                                                       Thursday 2nd April


Friday 24th October                                                                                                   Friday 24th April


Friday 14th November                                                                                               Friday 1st May


Friday 21st November                                                                                               Friday 8th May


Friday 28th November                                                                                               Friday 15th May


Friday 5th December                                                                                                 Friday 22nd May


Friday 12th December                                                                                               Friday 5th June         Letter from Chair of Governors


Friday 19th December                                                                                               Friday 12th June


Friday 9th January                                                                                                    Friday 19th June


Friday 16th January                                                                                                  Friday 26th June


Thursday 22nd January                                                                                            Elephant's Tea Party


Friday 30th January                                                                                                  Friday 10th July


Friday 6th February        CLYM Leaflet                                                                     Friday 17th July        SIAMS Report


Friday 13th February                                                                                                Tuesday 21st July








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