Governing Body

Shire Oak Governing Body - Who we are and what we do.


All schools have to have a Governing Body to:


  • Represent different parts of the school community

  • Make sure that the school fulfils all its legal duties, including keeping children safe

  • Challenge and support the school staff to constantly make improvements

  • Provide strategic direction to help move the school forward.



Governing Body Meetings 

Governors Newsletter 2018 (includes attendance)

Governors Newsletter 2017

Governors Newsletter 2016


Who are the governors at Shire Oak?

Meet our  governors  here....               .



At present, none of our serving governors have any business interests that are relevant to their role on the governing body. None are related to staff members of Shire Oak CE Primary School. A full register is kept in school.


Parent governors (elected by the parents of children in school)


  • Julia Kelly (Chair)

  • Antonia Nicholls (Vice Chair)

  • Anna Swinburn

  • Charlie Stobbart

  • Kate Wright


Foundation governors (appointed by the Diocese)


  • Rev. Tony Whatmough


Co-opted governors (appointed by the Governing Body to ensure that we have the right skills to do our job).


  • Ann Dudzinski

  • Councillor Neil Walshaw (LA Governor)

  • Richard Killington

  • Sally Dyster


Staff governor


  • Helen Woodley


Senior Leadership Team


  • Jane Astrid Devane (Headteacher)

  • Marcelle Maver (Deputy Headteacher and Associate Governor)

  • Jane Turner (Childrens Centre manager and Associate Governor)


The Governing Body is supported by a clerk from Leeds City Council’s Governors Support Unit.


How does the Governing Body do its work?


The Full Governing Body meets every half term to plan and review the work of the school. Each year we develop a workplan so that our work is organised and systematic. You can see a copy of the current workplan here.


It considers reports and information from:


  • the Headteacher and other members of staff

  • advisors and other people who visit the school

  • Governors who have visited school to look at particular aspects of school life

  • parents (through issues they raise and the annual survey)

  • School Council


Governors will then reach conclusions on how well the school is doing and how we might do better.

Governing Body Committees


A lot of the Governing Body’s work happens in Committees.

At Shire Oak we have three main committees (and another one to work with the Children’s Centre).

These are:

  • To keep an eye on the school budget; checks that the building and grounds are safe; and makes sure that we have enough teachers and other staff and they are working to the highest standards. The Resources Committee is chaired by Sally Dyster.

  • The Teaching and Learning Committee makes sure that the curriculum is exciting; that all children are making good progress; and that we have good quality teaching in school. The chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee is Julia Kelly.

  • The Pupils, Parents and Partnerships Committee checks that all children and adults in school feel valued and respected and their views are heard; and that children attend school and behave well. It also makes sure that parents are involved in school life and that we have good links with the local community. The chair of this committee is Kathi Kelly.


Governors with special responsibilities


Some of the governors have special responsibilities, as follows:


Chair of Governors                            Julia Kelly

Vice-chair                                        Antonia Nicholls

Child Protection                                Rev. Tony Whatmough

Inclusion/SEND                                 Gill Eastabrook

Buildings/Health & Safety                  Sally Dyster


How do I get in touch with the governors?

Children can talk to School Council representatives. Governors are sometimes invited to School Council meetings and the Governing Body receives the minutes of School Council meetings.


Parents can raise issues with one of the parent governors.


Staff can raise issues through the staff representative on the Governing Body.


Anyone is very welcome to contact the chair of Governors – Julia Kelly. You can email her at,  write her a letter (and give it to the office to pass on) or leave a message in the office and she will contact you.




School: 0113-275-5890

Pre-School: 0113-230-4035

Shire Oak CE Primary School

Wood Lane, Headingley, LS6 2DT

Shire Oak is a safe and inclusive school and we expect all adults who work with, visit or meet our children to uphold the highest standards of safeguarding and regard for the welfare of children.