Welcome to Year 1.

Welcome to Year 1 

Our Learning

 Hello and welcome to Year 1!


Our topic this term for Year 1 is “Growing”. This will include a science focus of learning about basic parts of the human body, senses and finding out about plants and trees, seasons, and change. These first weeks are very much a time of transition from Reception and the children will continue to have a lot of time choosing and following their own interests in the areas of provision, exploring, and learning for themselves. Each day we will also spend time on phonics, Maths and English as well as covering a range of subjects linked to our topic across the week.


Our aim is to make all our learning as fun and practical as possible. In line with the National
Curriculum, English in Year 1 includes speaking and listening, phonics, reading, writing,
spelling, and handwriting. We will begin by focusing on writing lists, labels and captions,
moving on to simple sentences connected to our topic often using books and experiences as
a starting point. In Maths we will be mainly using the White Rose materials to cover the Year
1 objectives related to number and place value within 20, addition and subtraction within 10
and developing learning on 2D and 3D shapes. In History we will be thinking about the
children’s own timeline and events within their living memory as they grow up. In


Geography we will be thinking about the weather and developing simple map skills and
directional language involving the school grounds including the nature garden and orchard
to look for things that are growing!         


Our Homework


At Shire Oak, we encourage creative, project-based homework to allow children to explore wider aspects of a topic and follow their own interests and ideas.


Homework Leaflet Autumn 1st half 2022