Welcome to Year 1.

Welcome to Year 1 

Our Learning

Our topic this term is “Home Sweet Home”                                                                          

It will include in science looking at everyday materials and seasonal changes. We shall practise making pictograms. In R.E we shall be exploring what it means to belong to a church or mosque. As a school we shall be exploring the same PSHCE themes “Going for goals”, thinking about growth mind sets, and our rules, Be kind, Be safe, Be your best. We will be looking at texture in art, linked to collage, materials and buildings, we will learn about architects. We will be finding out about construction, buildings and weavings in DT. We will focus on gymnastics, games and dance in P.E.

English                                                                                                                                 Our topic will provide lots of opportunities for writing, including topic writing and story writing, looking at traditional stories and stories set in the home. We will work on writing in clear sentences, thinking our sentence first, using capital letters and full stops correctly, remembering finger spaces and best Shire Oak handwriting. We will try and use our growing knowledge of phonics and key high frequency words to spell. Our phonics work will work on Phase 5 sounds in particular; continuing to move our reading of sounds into spellings. We will continue to work on learning spellings of high frequency words and tricky words.

Maths                                                                                                                                    In Maths we will continue to work regularly on our Passport targets to secure basic facts and skills and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. To achieve each target, the children have to say or write their answers in 30 seconds so it’s really helpful to practise each target regularly at home. Please ask if your child needs an updated copy of his or her current Passport targets. We will work on counting, patterns, addition and subtraction, halving, doubling, using the Numicon scheme. Problem solving will continue to be an important part of our maths, when children are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills and to persevere when they are stuck.                                                                                                   

Trips and Visitors

We are planning a visit to Kirkstall Abbey House Museum, for a workshop on Houses and Homes. We also hope to arrange a trip to look at local houses to develop our geography work on plans and maps, and local history work finding out about houses today compared to the past.

Our Homework


At Shire Oak, we encourage creative, project-based homework to allow children to explore wider aspects of a topic and follow their own interests and ideas.

Homework Leaflet Spring 1st half 2020

Homework Leaflet Autumn 2nd half 2019

Homework Leaflet Autumn 1st half 2019

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