Welcome to Year 1.

Welcome to Year 1 

Our Learning

            Hello and Happy New Year!  Our topic this Spring term for Year 1 is Toys.  A main focus of this topic will be history where we will be thinking about toys from the past up to now. Our trip to Abbey House museum will support this learning where we will look at toys from the past first hand. This topic will also include a science focus of learning about everyday materials (e.g. wood, plastic, metal, etc.) and the properties of these materials including investigating these properties (e.g. waterproof, flexibility).  In geography we will be learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities and use maps, atlases and globes. Our art sessions will focus on texture and pattern linking to our science learning around materials. In DT we will apply our science learning about materials to make a shelter for a toy e.g. teddy or car.  We will also design and make a toy car with wheels and axles. Our computing sessions will involve collecting images of toys (from the past and modern) from the internet. We will also be using programmable toys (e.g. BeeBots) to follow a given route.  In RE we will be thinking about how and why we care for others and continuing to think about our Year 1 value of Kindness. In PSHCE we will be using the Leeds NHS Mindmate materials particularly looking at healthy relationships with friends and family and continuing to explore our emotions. In music we will be exploring pitch and rhythm and learning about different styles of music. Our PE sessions will begin with a focus on dance on the theme of toys and will also include gymnastics, multi-skills and games.  We continue to have a daily English focus which includes phonics, spelling, reading, writing, handwriting and speaking and listening. Where possible, our English is linked to our topic. This term we will continue to develop basic sentence writing leading up to simple story writing including a focus on Traditional Tales. In maths our learning will begin with looking at addition and subtraction within 20 and progress to place value of numbers to 50. We will end the term with a focus on measurement of length and height followed by weight and volume.


 Each day the children will continue to be given the very valuable opportunity to follow their own interests with ‘area time’ in the areas of provision, exploring and learning for themselves.  We know how important this time is for the children so will continue with this approach to the end of the year. 


Our Homework


At Shire Oak, we encourage creative, project-based homework to allow children to explore wider aspects of a topic and follow their own interests and ideas.


Homework Leaflet Autumn 1st half 2021


Homework Leaflet Autumn 2nd half 2021