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Our Homework


At Shire Oak, we encourage creative, project-based homework to allow children to explore wider aspects of a topic and follow their own interests and ideas.

Homework Leaflet Autumn 2nd half 2020

Homework Leaflet Autumn 1st half 2020

Our Learning


Topic – Heroes

Our topic this term is “Heroes’ and it will be introduced through a series of fun activities via our google classroom for the children to complete at home as part of a ‘Superheroes Week.’ The children will work to undertake tasks that only a caped or masked crusader possibly could! These tasks may involve; scientific thinking, mathematical reasoning, good reading skills and other skills to stretch and challenge them.

Moving forward, our main focus will be our everyday, real-life heroes, past and present. This will include finding out all about Florence Nightingale and Sir Tom Moore. The children will also have an opportunity to identify their own everyday hero, finding out what they do or have done that makes them a hero. We will be learning how to undertake research (using information texts) which will be used to write reports on some of our real-life heroes.



The first few weeks are dedicated to poetry and we will be looking at various ‘monster’ themed poetry and stories as we work towards writing and performing our own monster poems.

Our topic, as always, will provide lots of opportunities for writing across the curriculum. We will be spending a few weeks looking at ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey in English. There will be opportunity to think about what type of character he is, where the story takes place and the storyline. Our study of the text will lead on to us developing our own character and story based upon the theme of this book which we will plan, develop and write to present to the class.

We will also be looking at fables, thinking about the moral behind each story. We will listen to a few familiar fables, but our main text focus will be ‘The Crow’s Tale’ by Naomi Howarth. We will be looking closely at the story sequence and events that take place, the crow’s character, and the world he lives in. The children will then have an opportunity to write their own version of this fable using the same viewpoint but a different plot.

Whilst always adhering to best Shire Oak handwriting, we will continue our good work on sentence structure by ensuring the basics (capital letters, finger spaces and full stops) are used consistently alongside other punctuation (question marks, exclamation marks and commas in a list. We will add greater depth to our writing through the addition of time connectives, compound sentences, adjectives, expanded noun phrases and a wider range of sentence openers.


In Maths we will continue to practice our Passport targets to secure basic number facts and skills. The children routinely practise these each day and are tested once a week. To achieve each target, the children have to say or write their answers in 30 seconds so it’s really helpful to practise each target regularly at home too.

In year 2 we focus on 2X, 5X and 10X tables. Again, to be secure with these, the children need to be able to have instant recall of any given times table both spoken and in written form.

We will begin this term learning all about multiplication and division. We will explore multiplication using arrays. We will explore division through grouping and sharing. We will be learning to use the ‘×’, ‘÷’ and ‘=’ signs to record calculations. The children will learn that when they are multiplying numbers, they get the same answer no matter what order they multiply the numbers. This means that multiplication is commutative, e.g.,10 x 5 = 50 and 5 x 10 = 50. The children will learn that division is not commutative and can only be done one way. They will learn a variety of methods to calculate multiplication and division problems.

We will also be looking at statistics and the children will learn to draw simple charts and graphs including pictographs, tally charts, block diagrams and tables. They will learn to sort categories by their quantities and will learn to compare sets of data.

Problem solving will continue to be an important part of our maths when children are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills and to persevere when they are stuck.    




In Science we are going to be looking at materials. We will be carrying out a range of investigations and experiments regarding the properties of materials and what they can be used for. We will explore the useful properties of materials with a range of investigations involving absorbency and flexibility. We will then use our new-found knowledge to design and build a range of items fit for a particular purpose in D.T. These will include a boat that floats and a bridge that can take the weight of a toy car.

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