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Welcome to Year 2

Our Learning


Our general topic this term is the history, geography and science led ‘Where do we live?’ (including learning about the history of Leeds, about the geography of Leeds and it’s twin city of Durban and about habitats for humans and other animals). You will receive details soon of the half-term’s homework which will consist of a topic task, some maths activities, spelling and reading.


Across the term, we will be reading a variety of class books together to inspire our work, including the biographies of Nicola Adams and Nelson Mandela. In our writing, we will be working on using our word and sentence skills in traditional tales (inspired by Tinga Tinga tales), reports and poetry.


In maths we will be calculating with money, developing knowledge of multiplication and division and learning about measurement (including length, height, mass, capacity and temperature). Over the term we will be learning our times tables starting with the 2 times table and the 10 times table.


Alongside our daily writing and maths sessions, we will also be continuing with daily spelling and guided reading lessons. These lessons follow the fft success for all scheme. Children learn how to spell common exception words and also learn spelling rules. Later in the term children will be given a spelling book and weekly spelling will be sent home to practise.


We suggest that Year 2 children read to an adult four to five times every week for about ten minutes each time. This might be a book from home, the local library, from the school reading scheme or from our school library. Children will read with staff in class every week and will normally change their reading scheme books weekly to bring home. We will also have a library session every week when children will choose books to bring home. All children should therefore have book bags (if you would like a Shire Oak one, these are available to buy from reception) for their reading and spelling books which should be brought into school and taken home each day so that all children can regularly practise these skills.



If you are on twitter you can follow the class page: @msbarley_class


Our Homework


At Shire Oak, we encourage creative, project-based homework to allow children to explore wider aspects of a topic and follow their own interests and ideas.


Homework Leaflet Autumn 1st half 2023

Homework Leaflet Autumn 2nd half 2023

Homework Leaflet Spring 1st half 2024

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