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Welcome to Year 5

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Our Learning


         Welcome back after the Christmas break. We begin 2023 with our topic ‘Who are the Mayans?’. This gives us the opportunity to step back in time to explore a range of aspects of life in this Central American culture. In Science, we will be focussing on Earth and space before thinking about forces as we encourage the children to develop an inquisitive approach with practical hands-on investigations. In Maths we will continue with our focus on Maths Passports to ensure that the children continue to develop their foundation maths knowledge. Helping your child to practise their particular targets at home will really help their maths work in school. Between now and Easter we will be covering multiplication and division in the early part of the term, then move to a significant block of work on fractions followed with a focus on decimals and percentages and finish with a unit on statistics. Relating our maths to real life is an ongoing focus as we encourage the children to understand that maths is out there in everyday life. In English, we will be exploring the key aspects of a range of writing genres. Such as explanation reports, newspaper reports, persuasive holiday brochures and instructions. We will be making links with our new topic and will be reading Middleworld by J & P Voelkel as both a historical and contemporary stimulus to our written work. Great presentation and accurate spelling will be coming through as we regularly emphasise taking a pride in your work and cover a number of key spelling rules. We are now on batch three of the Year5/6 100 key word list we are covering throughout this year. Work at school with additional work at home will greatly help. In R.E we will be thinking in more detail about our class value of forgiveness. Year 5 will also continue to develop their French language skills each week as they continue to build on the vocabulary developed so far. With the usual variety of other school events added to the mix as winter turns to spring, we are all looking forward to a busy and productive term.



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