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Welcome to Year 5

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                                                 Welcome to Year 5


      We begin the new school year with our topic ‘Anglo-Saxon Artefacts’. This gives us the opportunity to step back in time to explore all manner of aspects of life during the period 410AD through to 1066. In science, we will be focussing on the properties and changes of materials as we encourage the children to develop an inquisitive approach with practical hands-on investigations. Between now and Christmas we will be covering all of the key maths areas: - division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. We begin the term examining place value and will begin working on fractions later in the term. Ensuring we relate our maths to real life is an ongoing focus as we encourage the children to understand that maths is out there in everyday life. Learning key number facts off by heart will help children to be more confident and fluent mathematicians. These could be learnt by memorising, and they could also be practised in fun ways e.g. by playing games. You can also find lots of activities to practise these facts on websites including


In English, we will be exploring the key aspects of a range of writing genres. We will begin the year recapping the key points of clear sentence construction using a variety of interesting conjunctions. Using a selection of different sentence types is one of our main focuses as we develop the children’s ability to use a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences in their writing. We will be making links with our topic and will be reading Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman as an exciting stimulus for our written work. Great presentation and accurate spelling will be coming through as we regularly emphasise taking a pride in your work and cover a number of key spelling rules. Not forgetting the Year 5/6 100 key word list we will covering throughout this year. Work at school with additional work at home will greatly help. In R.E we will be looking at why some places and journeys are special to different people along with thinking about our class value of forgiveness. Year 5 will also continue to develop their French language skills each week as they continue to build on the vocabulary developed so far. With the usual variety of other school events added to the mix, such as the Winter Festival of Fire, we are all looking forward to a lively and productive term.     

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