Welcome to Year 5

Our Learning

Our topic titled, ‘Starlights’ will see us through the last term in Year 5 and as, hopefully, the sun shines on us all we will be studying aspects of light. This gives us the opportunity to explore all manner of aspects of life in Africa. In science, we will be finding out all about the habitats of different animals and how they adapt to life under a range of different conditions. We will also be looking at the area of evolution and inheritance as we encourage the children to have an inquisitive approach to science.

In maths we will be working on multiplication and division of four digit numbers and then working for a number of weeks on fractions. Helping your child to practise their times tables during Lockdown 3.0 at home will really help their maths work during home learning. Ensuring we relate our maths to real life is an ongoing focus as we encourage the children to understand that maths is out there in everyday life.


In English, we will be exploring the key aspects of a range of writing genres. We will continue to emphasise the key points of clear sentence construction using a variety of interesting connectives. Using a selection of different sentence types is one of our main focuses in Year 5 as we develop the children’s ability to use a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences in their writing.  

Accurate spelling will be coming through as we regularly emphasise taking a pride in your work and cover several key spelling rules. Not forgetting the Year5/6 100 key word list we will covering throughout this year.


Whether working at home or at school the children will continue to develop their French language skills and be given a variety of art tasks. All in all, we are all looking forward to a busy term and hoping we are all back together at school sooner rather than later. 

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