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At Shire Oak we believe in providing the best possible provision for all our pupils. Our commitment to Growth Mindset methodology ensures we do not set a limit on our expectations for individual children. Indeed, with good teaching and lots of practice, the vast majority of children can achieve the objectives from the national curriculum. Teachers and staff work hard to tailor learning opportunities so that our children are challenged and make good progress. This can be done through differentiated learning activities, differing levels of support, extra challenges and opportunities, as well as encouraging children to constantly improve and produce their best work.

Children who are ready for extra challenge may be asked to make links between subject areas (using and applying knowledge, skills and understanding in new contexts), may be given extra opportunities to delve deeper into an area of learning,  or, on occasions, maybe given work from the next steps along (e.g. “harder work “usually given to older children).

We recognise that children may have talents, passions and aptitudes across the whole curriculum and beyond. Often we provide enrichment or extension activities to promote their skills and talents further. The school holds regular activities across the curriculum including focus weeks, visitors and sports coaches in school. We also run a number of extra–curricular activities including music, arts and sports. 

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