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Welcome to Reception Class


   We have had a great first term and the children have settled really well into school. It was lovely to see how happy the children were to be back in school and to see their friends.



Our learning this term:


In Phonics, we will be continuing to learn the phase three sounds. You might hear your child talking about digraphs (when two letters make one sound, such as ‘sh’ in ‘shed’) and trigraphs (when three letters make one sound such as ‘igh’ in light). The children are now using their knowledge to read words (blending sounds) and sentences. They are also beginning to break up words into sounds (segmenting), so they can write words and sentences. Please encourage your child to write for a purpose, such as lists, labels, letters and cards for their friends.


In Literacy, we will be focusing on the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, learning the story and retelling it independently. We will also be acting it out and making up our own version of the story. We are learning the vocabulary ‘character’, ‘setting’, ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ in relation to stories. Next half term’s focus will be on a dinosaur story and looking at non-fiction texts.


In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of numbers to five, including the composition of these numbers (e.g., five can be made up of 4+1, 3+2, 5+0 etc.). We will also be looking at vocabulary related to mass and capacity and how they can be measured. Over this term we will be learning about the numbers six, seven and eight and combining two groups. After half term we will learn about and comparing numbers nine and ten and learning our number bonds to ten. We will also be looking at comparing height, length, mass and time. We will spend some time looking at more complex patterns and 3D shapes.


In PE, we are learning different kinds of rolls and jumps and then moving on to using gym equipment. Please encourage your child to start to dress and undress independently and think about what they are wearing on PE days, so it is easy for them to get changed as independently as possible. Also, make sure that their school uniform and PE kit is named.


In our Understanding the World learning, we will be looking at special places, focusing on churches and mosques and then looking at how special times are celebrated including Lunar New Year. We will also be looking at seasonal changes, looking at winter, cold places in the world and the animals that live there. As spring arrives, we will look at the changes that can be observed and plant our own seeds. We will also be finding out about children’s lives in different parts of the world too.


In Art we will be looking at the artists Henri Matisse and Jean-Michael Basquiat.


Tapestry- If you haven’t yet been able to log into Tapestry, please let me know. Memos are often sent out with information on how to support your child at home and the opportunity to provide us with information to support your child’s learning in class. A weekly round-up is also sent out every Friday.

Outdoor learning 


In Reception we have free flow access outdoors during our child-initiated learning.

We also do some of our whole class learning outdoors too!



Maths at Shire Oak

Parents Meeting

Click here for Ms Coulter's presentation

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