Welcome to Reception Class


Our Learning This Term

    We are enjoying getting to know the children in reception class and have been very impressed by how they are settling in. They have come into class confidently in the morning and have been getting to know the routines of the day. We have seen lots of new friendships developing and they have been exploring their learning environment and getting to know the adults in the class too.
    In literacy, children will spend a few weeks learning about and exploring sounds (hearing and recognising different noises in our environment, identifying rhyming patterns, etc.) before going on to learn the letters and sounds of Phase 2 in Phonics. There will be a meeting later this half term, that shows how we teach phonics in reception and how you can support your child with their reading and writing. I will keep you posted of the time and date for this. We will also be giving the children ‘reading books’ over the next few weeks. For most children these will be wordless and guidance will be given on how to use these. Their books will be changed once a week, on a particular day. This will be written in their reading records, which will be given out later.
We will also be focussing on one story every few weeks, so that the children get to know it thoroughly. We act it out, draw a story maps of it, add actions and may change some aspects of it too. Each week we will also focus on a poem or rhyme.
     In maths, we teach using a mastery approach, ensuring that all children have a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematical concepts. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on matching, sorting and comparing amounts, using vocabulary such as; more, fewer, same and equal. We will also be comparing size, mass and capacity and exploring pattern. Then we will focus on numbers one to five and their composition and looking at circles, triangles and shapes with four sides. We will also cover positional language and time in our learning before Christmas. Much of the maths learning that the children do takes place in the areas of provision, both indoors and out, giving it greater purpose and meaning. We also regularly use the CBeebies series ‘Numberblocks’ in our teaching, which the children love. There will be a maths meeting for parents later in the year.

To keep updated with what we get up to in reception class, look at our twitter account. The address is: Reception Twitter


Maths at Shire Oak

Parents Meeting

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Outdoor learning 


In Reception we have free flow access outdoors during our child-initiated learning.

We also do some of our whole class learning outdoors too!