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Welcome to Reception Class

Our Learning This Term

We have had a great first term and the children have settled in really well to reception class. It was lovely to see them come in happily, catching up with their friends and telling us their holiday news.

In literacy, the children have been learning their sounds and we have all noticed a great difference in both their reading and writing. During this term, we will be continuing to learn the phase three sounds and the tricky words. We have started to learn digraphs (when two letters make one sound, such as ‘sh’ in ‘shed’). Please help your child spot these.  Now the children are using their knowledge to read words (blending sounds) and sentences. They are also beginning to break up words into sounds (segmenting), so they can write words and sentences. The children are still visiting the school library on a Friday afternoon. This is when children need to return their old book to borrow a new one.

We have also been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children are becoming very familiar with the story and are learning actions to help them retell it independently. We will be learning the vocabulary of ‘character’, ‘setting’, ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ in relation to stories.

In maths, during the first week we have been learning about the number six and will continue to learn about the numbers to ten this term. When we learn about each number, we focus on careful counting and the ways in which the number can be made (e.g. five can be made up of 4+1, 3+2, 5+0 etc.).  During the spring term we will also look at addition, subtraction, 3D and 2D shapes and positional language.

Reception Class Twitter

To keep updated with what we get up to in reception class, look at our twitter account. The address is: Reception Twitter

Outdoor learning 


In Reception we have free flow access outdoors during our child-initiated learning.

We also do some of our whole class learning outdoors too!


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