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Welcome to Year 6

Our Learning


The topic will focus around World War 2 and, in particular, how it affected Britain which leads on to learning about the Windrush generation in the second of the term.  In science, we will be studying the circulatory system (heart, blood, blood vessels), impact of diet, drugs, exercise and lifestyle, transportation of nutrients and water in animals and humans as well as plants and animals: adaptation, evolution, habitats and food chains/webs. Computing sessions will see us creating our own videos and exploring computer networks.  


Our English work will link to our topic work and will include descriptions, diaries, balanced arguments and biographies.


In Maths, we will continue with the Passport targets and learning about decimals, percentages, converting units, algebra, perimeter, area and ratio.  


We will also be covering art, French, geography, RE, PSHCE, PE and music in order to promote a rounded curriculum linked to the current history topic.

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