Cook It Grow It


We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Helen Hamlyn Trust Open Futures Programme.


With the support of staff from RHS Harlow Carr, the 'Cook it, Grow it' project enabled us

to build vegetable beds where we can grow and harvest our own crops. The produce is then used in cooking lessons and  the school canteen so the children get the opportunity to taste what they have grown.


The funding and outside support has now finished but the children are continuing with

the project and we have added a water butt and several compost bins to our resources.


Our latest development is the creation of an orchard in the school grounds where we are

growing apple trees and strawberry plants.



Throughout Key Stage 2 (and more recently, KS1), children have the opportunity to participate in Philosophy lessons. Our teachers have been working with students and lecturers at the University of Leeds to bring key philosophical thinking into our learning. Is a bike still the same bike if, over the years, all its parts have been replaced? Philosophical questions make us think for ourselves, listen to each other and tolerate other opinions. Not only are these fantastic life skills, but in working on communication and problem solving, we are also working on our numeracy and literacy. For more information,



For a video of our Leeds Philosophy Exchange in action, please follow the video link.

Year 6 Quad Project

Year 6 have been working hard to redesign and renovate out courtyard area. They each drew their designs for the area and worked with Mrs Dickinson, our gardening leader, to choose the best bits. Cake sales, sponsored walks and other initiatives were undertaken to raise the money needed to see it through. The quad now provides a bright, sheltered space for us to soacialise, read and learn. Thank you, Year 6!

Polar Bear Day


When Mr Martin went to track polar bears in Canada, he came back full of stories to share! Polar Bear Day saw us working with new class groups, made up of pupils from each year group. We had a day to design and produce a piece of work to inform the rest of the school about the plight of polar bears. At the end of the day, we shared some of the fantastic work that we produced - from video interviews with Polar explorers to original songs about saving our ice caps... The experience was a fun and memorable one that gave us the opportunity to think about wider global issues.