Results 2015-16


Standards and Academic Achievement (Progress)


Children at the end of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One achieve results that are often better than (and at least in line with) Leeds and national averages. In Key Two results improved and were in line with (or better than) Leeds and national averages for reading, writing and maths. The new statutory assessments in 2016 have changed the picture nationally, and cannot be compared with previous years.


Although standards are important, for us the progress children make from their various starting points is the most important measure of how well we are teaching and they are learning. Under the old measure 100% of children were making expected progress from the end of KS1 to the end of KS2. The new progress measures are different and further information is in the KS2 section.


Some children join us after Reception and we know that this mobility can affect our results. Our data analysis shows that the longer children are with us at Shire Oak, the better they catch up and move on.


External Links to School Performance Tables and Data Dashboards can be found on our OFSTED/SIAMS page.

Foundation Stage































Children are defined as having reached a good level of development (GLD) at the end of the EYFS if they have achieved at least the expected level in:

  • the early learning goals in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language) and;

  • the early learning goals in the specific areas of mathematics and literacy.


The levels attained by children at the end of the EYFS are allocated a number as follows:

Emerging = 1, Expected = 2 and Exceeding = 3.


For each of the 17 Early Learning Goals a child is recorded as have achieved a 1, 2 or 3. Consequently it is possible to give children an overall 'score'.


EYFS Results 2016


GLD: 65.6%

Average total point score: 35.5

Children scoring 17: 0

Phonics in Key Stage One (Screening Test)















Key Stage One

There is no 3 year trend data for KS1 as 2016 was the first year of these new tests following the introduction of the new curriculum. Comparisons with previous years cannot be made.

EXS means met the expected standard. GDS means assessed as working at greater depth.

Key Stage Two

There is no 3 year trend data for KS2 as 2016 was the first year of these new tests following the introduction of the new curriculum. Comparisons with previous years cannot be made.

Floor Standards

The floor standard is the minimum standard for pupil attainment and/or progress that the government expects schools to meet.

In 2016, a school is considered above the floor if:

 at least 65% of pupils meet the expected standard in English reading, English writing and mathematics; or

 the school achieves sufficient progress scores in all three subjects. At least -5 in English reading, -5 in mathematics and -7 in English writing.

To be above the floor, the school needs to meet either the attainment or all of the progress element.

At Shire Oak we have achieved sufficient progress in all three subjects.

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Shire Oak is a safe and inclusive school and we expect all adults who work with, visit or meet our children to uphold the highest standards of safeguarding and regard for the welfare of children.