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Art and design at Shire Oak

At Shire Oak we follow the National Curriculum for teaching art and design. We have developed our own scheme of work for art and design that uses contexts from across the curriculum (e.g. children's topic work) to help children create artwork that uses progressively more difficult techniques as children move through school whilst learning about important and relevant artists. Children in KS2 regularly use sketch books to develop and practise their knowledge, skills and own interests. The art leader has worked with our HLTA (who is a professional artist) to develop our curriculum. 


Our art topics in KS1

Our art topics in KS2

Progression of skills, curriculum support and assessment framework for art 

In Key Stage 2, art is taught by HLTA and artist, Lydia Virgin. She says:


"Art in KS2 provides the opportunity for pupils to delve into the realms of exploration and investigation as they develop their creative skills. I firmly believe that we all need the chance to experiment, make mistakes and find creative ways through them in order to broaden our artistic capabilities. 

As a result of this, I ensure that whilst linking our art lessons to the national curriculum topics and expectations, our priority is to gain confidence - learn how to use both sides of our brain - to see 'mistakes' as wholly acceptable learning opportunities - and to develop our ability to THINK creatively rather than to insist on a pristine finished result! As is often the case when this approach is taken, the children seldom fail to impress me with their ability to work through challenges and produce a final piece of work to a very high standard. The process is the important bit at this stage - but fantastic finished results are the icing on the cake for all of us!

We learn to think critically but constructively about our work and that of our peers - always finding ways to overcome a problem and to adapt with the materials and techniques we are using. We use a broad range of materials and equipment and encourage each other to use them appropriately and maturely. Whilst I ensure each child has the opportunity to use all the materials, there is often the chance to choose which materials to use for a particular job - based on personal preference.

It has been wonderful to see some former Shire Oak pupils become fantastic artists and leave their high schools to pursue their artistic career - but it is my desire that all the children leave Shire Oak with great confidence to use their artistic skills - and as they are hugely transferrable, to apply them in what ever area they enjoy the most."

Ms Virgin

(BA Hons Textile Design)



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